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Where creatures conjoin.


Creators of Creatures
This is a group for all creatures of fantasy origin,
whether they be based on birds, wolves, felines, dragons,
aliens, insects, anything, all creatures are welcome and
encouraged here.

This group aims to bring together oodles of artists from
all sorts of artistic groups and backgrounds and bring them all
together in an interactive community
, in order for us all to
improve our art in many ways, and meet fun and amazing
, all at the same time.

In this group we strive for interaction, and so we will be holding
many great raffles, auctions, and contests, in order to get everyone
working together!

I hope you all have fun, and spread the word!

Current Events

What's going on?

None at this time!

"Draw your favorite animal, with a mutation created from toxic wastes!"

None at this time!


Clear Things Up.

We do accept Monstrous Humanoids and Anthro creatures/characters into our group. However, if you are unsure if your picture is within the guidelines, click the image below to full-view.
Jerepasaurus has supplied us with a wonderful reference sheet for you to check to make sure you are following the rules before submitting!

Get Involved.

Stay Up-To-Date.
Now to pair with CreatorsOfCreatures, I offer you:

This is a new weekly news letter dedicated to bringing together the vast separated creature communities throughout deviantART into one place, like CreatorsOfCreatures Each article will feature different things such as interviews of various creature artists, artwork features, and much more.

:bulletwhite: Creature-Creator Chronicle I :bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite: Creature-Creator Chronicle II :bulletwhite:

Please note DrQUESTiiONABLE if you are interested in having something advertised in CCC. Thank you!

Join Us!
Be sure to keep an eye out for Chat Parties, where we'll hold all kinds of contests and trivia to give away great prizes! And don't be afraid to talk to our Drone, we promise it won't bite!

- - -

A More-Than-Huge Thank You,

To Our Fantastic Contributors!
These are the people who supply our group with art used for prizes for winners of our contests and competitions, and characters and adoptables for group raffles and auctions. A huge "THANK YOU" to each and every one of you, what you do is fantastic! :love:

- - -

:iconzaelisxae: :iconzenhi: :iconevlonarts: :icondrquestiionable:

- - -

If you would be interested in becoming a contributor yourself, click the button below!

Latest Monthly Challenge Winner Feature


Soulfire-eater by Hawkpath-tail Alceiv by Hawkpath-tail
Let Me Be - AT with forgetSanity by Hawkpath-tail Take on Life by Hawkpath-tail
:thumb379547162: :thumb375824242:



Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 6:50 AM
Current Openings
Yes indeed! CoC is looking for a new staff member!

We are looking for a new moderator!
This means you will be required to be very active within the group, and amongst other staff. If you are unable to do this, please do not apply for this position.

You must also meet the following criteria:

   You must be a member of CoC.
   You must be an active member of deviantART.

You will be required to submit an application! Here's what you will need to include in your application:

   Tell us why you want this position at CoC.
   Tell us why you would be good for this position.
   Let us know if you have any past experience as an administrative position in a group on dA. (Such as Founder, Co-Founder, or Moderator.)

Please send these applications in as a Note to CreatorsOfCreatures, NOT to DrQUESTiiONABLE! We will review applications as they come in. We will let you know when your application has been evaluated, and when we reach a decision, we will let you know via. Note if you submitted an application, as well as post a Journal about it.

Thank you!


More Journal Entries

Accepted, Denied.

Proceed With Caution!

Quality Control is something that we do practice and enforce within our group. If your piece of art has been denied, we are more than happy to give you an explanation of why, and even give out some pointers or tips if you'd like them! All you have to do is ask one of our staff, or leave us a comment on the Deviation Submission Process.

Please Read!

Submission Guidelines

:bulletwhite: Only creatures of fantasy origin will be accepted, though they can have an animal origin, generic animals will not be accepted.
:bulletblack: Please submit to the correct folders.
(If your piece you are submitting is a reference sheet,
please make sure it it submitted to the Reference sheets Folder.)

:bulletwhite: No submitting your own art to the Featured Folder, please.
:bulletblack: You are allowed to submit one deviation per FOLDER, per DAY.
:bulletwhite: No unfinished artwork is allowed.
This includes pictures that are taken with a camera or poor quality images.

:bulletblack: Anything involving sexual content or themes wil be denied.
:bulletwhite: No literature will be accepted at all.
:bulletblack: No adoptables will be accepted, the Adoptables Folder in our gallery is strictly for our contributed artwork to be used for raffles and auctions.
:bulletwhite: No photo manipulations will be accepted.
:bulletblack: Any creatures/characters that are owned by a company/corperation will not be allowed in the group, unless given specific permission by that company/corperation/artist. Examples of these are Pokemon or Digimon.
:bulletwhite: NO robots or robotic creatures will be accepted.

Featured Folder

Featured Folder Guidelines

The Featured Folder is for outstanding artwork that we all can
use as inspiration. Because of this, we would like you, the members, to be able to suggest amazing artwork for us to use in our Featured Folder!

When you submit a piece of art as a suggestion to be Featured, it will require three "YES" votes from our lovely admin for it to in fact be featured. This is an excellent opportunity for you all to share with the other members of the group exactly what inspires you as an artist. Any kind of "creature" can be accepted into the Featured Folder, so get suggesting!

Ladies & Gentlemen..

Our Lovely Staff!
These are the lovely people, without whom this group would not be possible! Be sure to send them some love!

- - -
C O - F O U N D E R S
:iconzenhi: :iconevlonarts:
:iconpaperfoxes: :iconzarin-arovail:
Looking for another mod!
Looking to fill the position!


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a35744 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello creature creator staff! I love what you are doing here, bringing artists together and creating something great! I, myself have a species is like to share around. Many people who have seen it believe it gave them inspiration to make their own species. I would like to ask if I would be able to join your fantastic endeavour!
DrQUESTiiONABLE Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Anyone can join, and submit art to be evaluated! When we get your submission we will review it and go from there! We look forward to seeing your artwork!
a35744 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you for the support!
DrQUESTiiONABLE Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Not a problem! :D
ChaosDemonXXXAngel Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a little curious.
How come there isn't a folder for concepts being developed that could receive feedback or tips/suggestions to improve?
Zarin-Arovail Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello ChaosDemon! Very good question, and an even better idea. Though yes I believe that would be an amazing addition to the group which focuses on just that, art improvement and understanding,as it stands now managing a folder(s) like that would take extra staff we don't currently have at the moment. When concepts are closed would they would need to be managed to a new folder or deleted, new concepts would need to be accepted or rejected like all our current folders. 

So in short, maybe it is something we can add in the future. I've brought it up with some of the other Admins.

Thank you for your input!

The-Spikey-Mouth Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heyoo! I have made a second account and I can't quite remember if you accept everyone as a member? I joined on my last one but I never had anything good enough to submit here. I look forward to the time where that happens if I'm allowed to join again but for now I shall be inspired by all the amazing art and concepts by the members and staff!
DrQUESTiiONABLE Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Anyone is allowed to join! :D
The-Spikey-Mouth Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alrighty thanks for replying! I think I'll join the group again then :>
Misuto-Gesshoku Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for accepting me T-T
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